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Credit and Collections

By applying years of experience, we act as the part-time Credit and Collection Department for your firm.  An experienced individual can increase cash flow and improve customer relations by:

  • Regularly contacting assigned past due accounts for payment, with all checks going directly to you.  This gets the debtors into the habit of paying more promptly; identifies problems and converts them to cash; and provides a buffer so that you can deal with other matters.

  • Performing credit checks on new and established accounts, suggesting flexible credit lines.  This corrects costly mistakes before they occur.

  • Providing a buffer , so that at your option, you can comfortably resell this concern once they have paid their past due account. Whether it be COD or open account.

  • Identifying problems early, so that they can be resolved in a less costly manner.

  • Maintaining  and updating customer flexible credit lines.

  • Interpreting vital information.

  • Offer alternative recommendations, so that you can decide the best course of action.

  •   And much more.

Don't rush back to the office late Friday afternoon to work on Accounts Receivable.  Your cash flow will suffer.

Let ADC relieve you of the time consuming and unpleasant task of contacting past due accounts.